Sunday, March 15, 2015


I have spent the last couple of weeks working hard and assessing my kiddos like crazy to get ready for report cards. I noticed that I needed an assessment for one of the things on our report card so I decided to create a freebie to share with everyone. Yay! 
We have to assess whether students can match a set of objects to the correct numeral that represents it. This nine weeks students must be able to do this up to 15. Always before I have done this as a one on one assessment calling each student back one at a time, showing them a set of objects, and asking them to choose the correct number card.  In order to save some of my valuable assessment time I decided this could be done just as easily independently by the students at their seats. That brings us to the wonderful new product I created. 

There are 4 different pages included offering you the choice to assess numbers 0-5, 5-10, 10-15, or 15-20. I hope this helps you as it has helped me make my assessments quicker and easier but still effective. Please click the link above the images to head over to my TeachersPayTeachers Store to download this product. While you are there be sure to check out my other awesome products!

Mrs. Daleo

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