Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sharin' a Little Sunshine: Spring is in the Air!

I am linking up with Hello Sunshine for a blog post about SPRING! We have had quite the long cold winter here in Indiana and I am so glad to finally have some warmer temperatures :) Plus only 26 more days of school (not that I'm counting or anything). 

We spent the last week talking about earth day and planting our very own seeds. We had previously planted seeds for a science experiment and my kiddos were very disappointed that they were not going to be able to take those plants home. So I surprised them on Friday by letting each of them plant a seed that they will get to take home for Mother's Day :) They were ecstatic! 

We will also be spending some time talking about weather. They are very interested in the temperature these days since I explained to them that the temperature determines whether we can go outside for recess or not. Haha! 
Earlier in the year we did an experiment about creating a cloud in a jar. We talked about the water cycle and where rain comes from. I am kind of wishing we would have saved that experiment for spring because it would fit perfectly with all the rainy weather we have been having lately. 

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Have a Great Day :)
Mrs. Daleo