Thursday, October 26, 2017

Vahl: Leggings

I just have to share my new favorite clothing website, The Vahl! I not only love the pieces they offer but I love that I am supporting a small business. As a kindergarten teacher and a mom to a 1 year old boy I need to be comfortable in my clothes because I am on the move all day everyday. 
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My all time favorite thing is the leggings
Vahl is the home of "The Buttered Buns" and it is the truth. These are the softest leggings and I have a ton of leggings to compare them to. When I get up and choose my outfit for the day I will always reach for these leggings before any of my other brands. I have solids, patterns, capris, and full length. I have leggings for different holidays and different seasons. I might have too many leggings (nah that's not a real thing). 
Here is one of my favorite pair of fall leggings. You can check out the selection of leggings here. 
I wear a size 16/18 in jeans and I wear the plus size leggings. They also offer kids, misses, and extended plus sizes.

I hope that you will try these leggings and love them as much as I do. I will post some of my other Vahl favorites soon!

Mrs. Daleo

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